The world today is constantly evolving.

In our modern technology driven world, organisations face new challenges almost daily: adapt to a newly emerged competitor, integrate new technology, rethink their channels to market, implement process automation. If not properly managed, business can find themselves drowning in perceived priorities or distracted away from their core purpose.

To succeed in this environment, businesses need more than generic SWOT analysis and biblical-length strategic plans to guide them into the future.

THE SOLUTION? An adaptive approach to business marketing strategy.

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Adaptive Marketing Strategy

What is it and why is it important?

A real marketing strategy provides a road map for the entire business - one that enables the company vision to become a reality. It doesn't lock a business into a fixed, historic world view. Instead it is able to adapt to the changing business environment, resulting in marketing that is more relevant to the target audience and more effective at achieving the business goals.

However, in our rapidly evolving age of technology, many organisations still take one of two approaches to marketing:

The Encyclopedia Marketing Strategy

This involves writing a verbose 3 year strategic marketing plan each year. Historically this approach had merits, in more predictable and stable business environments. Today, this approach is often harmful to business - focusing on historic facts instead of dynamically responding to changing customer needs, market conditions and competition.

The Ad Hoc Marketing Strategy

This mostly involves a lack of strategy or planning altogether, where a business responds reactively to customer and market needs, or knee-jerk business priorities. This approach to marketing has never been a good one, but can prevail where a business struggles to understand or adequately resource their marketing. 


How Brucey can help


Brucey provides a range of marketing strategy services built on an adaptive approach to strategy we call the Velo Marketing Model. The Velo framework has been designed to meet the challenges of marketing in a continuously evolving business environment.

It is made up of two phases: the Strategy Phase - from Business Goals through to Implementation Plan - and the Implementation Phase - incorporating Create, Deliver, Analyse and Improve.

Velo Marketing utilises modern, agile, design-thinking strategy tools to shape marketing strategy and align it to business goals and the needs of the customer.


Our Services

Strategy Workshops

We provide workshops for individual components of the Strategy Phase of Velo Marketing: Business Goals, Business Understanding, Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, and Marketing Planning.

These workshops can be customised to suit the needs of the business, incorporating only those stages that are of need.

Strategy Sprint

In a Strategy Sprint we complete the full Strategy Phase of the Velo Marketing Model, from setting Business Goals, right through to completing a Marketing Implementation Plan.

We deliver the Strategy Sprint via workshops, in-house sessions and remote support, continuing to provide ongoing leadership and guidance to management and marketing teams throughout the process.

Strategy Audit

As a precursor to the Workshops we can perform a Marketing Strategy Audit, to assess the current approach to developing, executing and measuring effectiveness of the marketing strategy for the business. We help you identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

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