Iterative Implementation

The implementation phase of marketing (putting your plans into action) is a critical part of the overall marketing process. A common misconception, however, is that the hard work has been done in well-thought-out strategy and a carefully built marketing plan - and now it is just a matter of designing some emails / brochures / landing pages / etc, sending these off to your customers, and making sure you get some metrics you can track.

The danger of watering down the implementation phase is that the resources allocated to executing your marketing are reduced (time, people, expertise). Consequently creativity suffers, content becomes isolated rather than integrated, metrics lack tangibility and insights are rarely used to improve future marketing implementation.

When this happens, it completely undermines any good work done on establishing a solid marketing strategy and marketing plan.

THE SOLUTION? An iterative approach to marketing implementation.


Iterative Marketing Implementation


An iterative approach to marketing implementation essentially requires a “learning loop” where marketing teams learn from the past (what worked, what didn’t, what can be done better) and use it to influence future marketing. Rather than being locked into campaign plans, marketing teams remain agile, adapting future content and deliverables based on insights from past campaigns.

The iterative marketing implementation approach can be modelled using the following four stages, where creative direction, carefully crafted content, integrated delivery, active learning, and adaptive planning all happen together:


This is the creative brainstorming and research required to bring your brand story to life - a seamless creative approach, writing compelling content, wrapping it up in beautiful design and adapting it to suit multiple purposes.


This is the building stage. Packaging up your content ready for distribution across various channels. Then publishing, scheduling, or setting up automation triggers for each asset so that it reaches the customer at the appointed time.


Using analytics data to measure performance against the metrics and OKRs in the marketing plan. The data is analysed to unlock insights beyond the raw numbers, identifying where improvements can be made in the future.


These insights are then used to make improvements to the marketing plans - iterations to ongoing campaigns, as well as implementing new initiatives. This allows adaption to changing market conditions, customer needs and to maximise performance against the business goals.


How Brucey can help


Brucey provides a range of marketing strategy services built on an adaptive approach we call the Velo Marketing Model. The Velo framework has been designed to meet the challenges of business marketing in a continuously evolving market.

It is made up of two phases: the Strategy Phase - from Business Goals through to Implementation Plan - and the Implementation Phase - incorporating Create, Deliver, Analyse and Improve.

Velo utilises modern, agile, design-thinking strategy tools to shape marketing strategy and align it to business goals and the needs of the customer.


Our Services

Marketing Retainer Packages

We can help a little or a lot with the implementation of your marketing

For businesses that require additional capacity or expertise to deliver their marketing, we provide full marketing creative direction, content creation and delivery - blogging, landing pages, graphics, video, digital assets, copywriting, email, social, automation, sales enablement and much more.

We tailor a flexible retainer package to the business needs - this means we don't prescribe set deliverables every month, but work with you to identify and produce content that will have the biggest impact with your customers.

Campaign Projects

We can also help to deliver individual campaigns or marketing assets on a project basis, if a retainer model doesn’t suit your business needs. We work with internal teams to ensure clear objectives are set, with seamless development and execution of project deliverables.

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