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Brucey helps industrial brands become lovable, memorable and profitable.


On average, industrial businesses tend to lag behind other sectors when it comes to marketing prowess.

This is often attributable to a lower importance placed on marketing. Strategically the business is not marketing driven. Creativity is less of a priority - in terms of both visual creativity and business innovation. The understanding and uptake of marketing technology is minimal.

Subsequently marketing is less impactful, out of sync with sales and marketing effectiveness is not able to be measured.

The reality is that industrial businesses need great marketing as much or more than any other sector.

They’re faced with communicating complex concepts to risk averse technical audiences; selling costly systems; operating in long sales cycles with multiple stakeholders who have different needs.

The great news is that a modern inbound-approach to marketing can deliver quantifiable results for industrial businesses.




We build marketing excellence in the industrial sector.

We’re a team of industrial marketers. We’ve worked in and for industrial businesses ourselves - manufacturing, engineering, construction, mining, energy, oil and gas. We’ve seen the challenges of marketing in the industrial sector. And we know the potential upside for those businesses that adopt a modern approach to marketing.

We’re here to help industrial companies tap into this potential and become marketing gurus and market leaders. To make industrial brands lovable, memorable and profitable.

Brucey helps industrial brands be more lovable


Industrial branding doesn’t need to be boring. We create authentic industrial brands through carefully crafted brand positioning and high impact visual styling.

We believe in building brands your customers can love, rough edges and all.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brucey helps industrial brands be more memorable


Technical audiences want a great brand experience too. We use an inbound approach to deliver personalised, relevant content in a more helpful and more human way.

We believe in aligning marketing and sales efforts for high impact audience engagement.

Inbound Marketing

Sales Enablement

Brucey helps industrial brands be more profitable


Every business should be able to measure their marketing ROI. We use data to shape marketing strategy, to analyse marketing activities and to optimise future resources.

We believe in closed-loop reporting, for better business decision making.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Automation


 Who is Brucey?

Brucey is a Brisbane-based inbound marketing agency for the industrial sector. We help manufacturing, engineering, construction and related technical businesses achieve their goals in a more helpful and human way. We're a hands-on crew, working on brand positioning, marketing strategy, design and implementation.

Mining, Oil and Gas
David Leahy, Founder and Marketing Strategist at Brucey Industrial Marketing

David Leahy
Founder, Marketing Strategist

David loves helping industrial businesses realise their growth potential through inbound marketing. This passion comes from almost 20 years working on challenging opportunities across the globe with manufacturing and technical service businesses large and small.

David’s experience covers all aspects of marketing, with a strong focus on business strategy alignment, brand positioning, product and service innovation, and creating sustainable customer value.

Alessandro Meucci, Creative Director at Brucey Industrial Marketing

Alessandro Meucci
Creative Director

Alessandro is a creative in the truest sense of the word: he is able to connect strategy, technology and media through creativity to deliver high impact customer experiences.

His rich creative background spans numerous countries and industries, including food and fashion, education and technology, tourism, sport and government. This diversity of experience is the foundation that enables Alessandro to generate fresh ideas, unlock unique insights and build meaningful connections with audiences.

The Brucey Team

We’re a “gig economy” marketing agency with a trusted network of experienced contract partners and freelancers, all experts in their particular field of marketing. This allows us to scale up quickly to meet client needs and deliver a complete range of marketing services for our industrial clients.

3D images, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality

3D Imagery, Animation and VR

We help brands bring their products to life and communicate complex concepts more effectively through photo-realistic 3D visuals.

High quality 3D images and videos are perfect for portraying products in multiple environments, where traditional photography is difficult or cost prohibitive.

Our 3D services extend to building virtual reality and augmented reality environments for more in-depth customer experiences.

Website design and development

Web Design and Development

A website is the most important marketing asset a business owns. It should be a living resource that attracts and delivers value to your target audience throughout the customer journey.

We build Inbound Websites using Growth-Driven Design (GDD). We primarily develop on Wordpress, Hubspot and Wix, as these three platforms are best suited to beautiful, functional and growth-driven website design.

Technical copywriting and content development

Technical Copywriting

Well written content often takes a backseat to stunning visuals. Yet it is an equally important part of all content, especially when it comes to writing technical content for a variety of audiences.

We write words that convert the hearts and minds of your audience, whether in a digital format, on paper or elsewhere. Everything from brochures and sales presentations to websites, blog posts, case studies and social media.

Inbound marketing and digital marketing

Digital Marketing, Automation

Digital marketing is really a catch-all for so much. And we can help you deliver it all.

Starting with the strategy and then supporting the implementation of integrated campaigns that could include: SEO, SEM (digital advertising), email marketing, blogging, ebooks, landing pages, conversion paths, automation workflows, pop-ups, forms, social media and more.

Sales enablement; sales and marketing alignment

Sales Enablement

Marketing is at its best when it is aligned with sales: when the two are working together to help the customer.

We support marketing and sales teams to work in sync with one another. We “enable” sales teams through an inbound approach that delivers greater audience insights, demystifies prospect qualification, automates tedious follow-up, and fosters shared ownership of customer acquisition.

Social media strategy

Social Media Marketing

Use of social media is much less prevalent in the industrial sector. In some cases, for good reasons, where the target audience is not active on these channels, or at least not for the purpose of business.

Where it is a viable channel, we help create social media channels with purpose - channels that deliver value to the target audience (not just repeat the same content that can be found on your website or blog) and generate results for the company.

reasons to love a marketing agency

Here are 4 reasons to love Brucey


#1 We’re all about industrial / technical stuff

We don’t market diapers. We are a team of industrial marketing specialists who love working in technical markets, on technical topics, and with technical people.

We’re especially fond of: B2B, Australian Made, family-owned business, regional success stories.

#2 We’re hands on

We’re not marketing consultants. We don’t come into your business, tell you what you’re doing wrong, invoice you big $$$s and then walk away.

We stay with you throughout the journey, rolling up our sleeves and helping to turn the strategy into results for your business.

#3 We’re cost effective

We’ve got everything you need. You can avoid the cost and uncertainty of hiring several different roles to fulfil your marketing needs.

With Brucey, you get an experienced strategist as your single point of contact, who will help craft marketing strategy. Plus a carefully selected and highly sought after team to implement the marketing plan.

#4 We make marketing accountable

We take the guess work out of marketing. We align your marketing to your business, so that every marketing activity is tied to a business goal and has a measurable target (OKR).

We ensure you can measure marketing effectiveness and make more informed decision making: campaign scale up, optimise for improved results, or redirect resources.


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