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Are we a good fit?

Discover what makes a successful partnership between Brucey and our industrial client base.

Industrial SMEs with serious growth goals and strategic focus

We partner with businesses that have plans to grow further and who need additional expertise to help them build a strategic marketing capability: a sustainable framework that can deliver their goals and lead the business into the future.

An ideal client for us - one that experience shows we're most successful with - is one that ticks several of the boxes below. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but a guide to help you consider whether we might be right for each other.

Our good-fit client guidelines:

  • You're a small to medium B2B company (e.g. around $2M to $200M in annual revenue) with the potential and desire to grow beyond this.

  • Currently doing business in Australia or New Zealand - or have a desire to enter this region (and may also be present in other countries, regions).

  • The core business is built around manufacturing, engineering and/or construction - or is a service provider to these industries.

  • You have key people in the organisation who possess deep expertise in the core specialisation of the business.

  • You sell high value products /  systems / solutions that require a consultative sale via an often lengthy and complex sales process

  • You sell to a range of stakeholder types with different needs, including risk-averse technical buyers.

  • You want to align your business growth and marketing strategies with an industrial audience that’s rapidly becoming more online centric.

  • You operate the business nationally or internationally, rather than locally or regionally (or you intend to do so).

  • You are interested in long-term strategy (not knee-jerk tactical activities) for growing your top and bottom lines with ideal customers.

  • You are ready and willing to invest in strategy before implementation (diagnosis of the current situation, development of strategy and appropriate tactical plans, prior to execution of the tactics).

  • You are prepared to commit the time and expertise of your leadership and customer-facing teams both at the beginning of the engagement and throughout the marketing process.

  • Are willing to invest $100K–$500K+ annually into a comprehensive marketing and sales enablement program (not just with us, but as a total investment, including ads, software, etc as required).


If this sounds like we might be a good fit, then read a bit more on how we work with clients, or reach out to us now on the form below to get the conversation started.

Business challenges, goals and priorities

Most companies we work with are facing a number of these challenges, but have a few that stand out as their top priorities for the coming 12 months. Which of these resonate with you?

  • Need a strategic approach to successfully launch a new product, service or range to the market.

  • Are planning a regional expansion (local, national, international), either directly or through channel partners.

  • Want to focus their customer-facing teams (sales, service) more on high-value activities and less on repetitive tasks that can be handled by automation.

  • There are significant sales pipeline leaks that need plugging.

  • They're lacking clear metrics on marketing - where to spend for maximum effectiveness, performance, revenue gains.

  • Are missing opportunities to grow existing customers through cross-sell, up-sell, after-sales services.

  • Planning a move into a new industry or market vertical.

  • Relying on old marketing tactics that are not being measured and don't seem to be contributing to revenue growth.

  • Don't know how to balance short and long-term marketing spend.


Does this sound like you? 

If so, continue reading about our approach to building strategic marketing capability to solve these challenges and succeed in reaching your goals.

Traditional marketing strategy meets modern tech.

What is impressive with Brucey is a practical, measured approach to the use of tech, alongside proven strategies - to build confidence with tech platforms, which today are core to all our sales and marketing.

Ken NockGeneral Manager
Year-on-year key metric growth.

We faced immense challenges and limited resources. Brucey developed the marketing strategy and executed plans to reinvigorate the brand.

Graeme SmithGeneral Manager
Smart, informative, savvy.

We have loved working with Brucey - they're exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't have achieved the success we had without them.

Nicole StranoDirector
Strategy + Innovation.

I strongly recommend Brucey for any services related to marketing strategy advisory, marketing planning and implementation support.

Alessandro MeucciDirector

Book a Introductory Call

Most businesses we work with have growth goals and need help to develop and execute the strategy, such as:

  • new products or services to launch
  • geographic or market expansion
  • an acquisition or merger

For others, it’s less about product/market or revenue growth, and more about growing profit or effectiveness due to:

  • a change in competitive / market conditions
  • an opportunity to optimise performance
    improve customer alignment

If this sounds like you, get in touch to see how we can help you achieve your goals.