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We are Industrial Marketing Consultants

Delivering sustainable marketing performance for the industrial sector.

  • We're on a Mission!
  • What's our Vision for the future?

Our Mission hasn't changed since the day we  first started Brucey in 2016. We are here to build highly-effective marketing capability, performance and leadership in industrial businesses.

On average, industrial businesses lag behind other sectors when it comes to marketing performance. This is often attributable to a lower importance or focus placed on marketing - perhaps a more traditional sales orientation has worked in the past.

But this is changing. Many industrial businesses are realising they need great marketing and a strategic approach to developing their business as much or more than businesses is other sectors.

They’re faced with communicating complex concepts to risk-averse technical audiences; selling costly systems & solutions; operating in long sales cycles; and with multiple stakeholders who have different needs.

The great news for industrial businesses in this position is that developing an effective marketing capability can readily deliver quantifiable results in the short term and sustained gains into the future.

We want to see Australia develop into a leading advanced manufacturing nation.

In Australia as in many developed countries, the manufacturing sector has been in decline for some time. We've relied on lower-cost nations to build the products and equipment we need, whilst focussing on other sectors.

More recently, manufacturing has been undergoing dramatic transformation, as technological change enables new ways to manufacture, lowering barriers, opening up new opportunities.

We intend to be remain a part of the manufacturing sector as it undergoes this transformation, to play a role in driving the change needed to a more strategic, market-oriented mindset that is necessary if businesses are to succeed in an advanced manufacturing economy and competitive global marketplace.


We build marketing excellence in the industrial sector.

We’re a small team of industrial marketers.

We’ve worked in and for industrial businesses ourselves - manufacturing, engineering, construction, mining and energy. We’ve seen the challenges of marketing in the industrial sector. And we know the potential upside for those businesses that adopt an effective approach to marketing.

We’re here to help industrial companies tap into their potential and become high-performance marketers and market leaders.



Brucey is led by David Leahy, the principal marketing consultant, who has over 20 years industrial marketing experience in Australia and around the world. He has worked with multi-billion dollar global manufacturers including Volvo Commercial Vehicles (Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks) and Acco Brand (GBC, Acco, Rexel, Kensington) and well as numerous small-to-medium-sized industrial businesses.


Agencies & internal teams

We partner with internal marketers (employees) of our clients or existing marketing agencies they're engaged with, and help them find additional agencies where needed.

This includes those agencies who specialise in design, website development, SEO, ads, social media, 3D design, technical writing and content, sales, account management, custom integrations and more.

This allows us to scale up quickly to meet client needs and deliver a complete range of marketing services for our industrial clients.

Technology partnerships

We provide businesses with expertise in developing top-notch marketing systems built on a proven technology stack. Our core software partners provide the foundation for implementing and managing a more efficient, effective and scalable marketing and sales function.

This most often includes HubSpot as the backbone CRM of client sales, marketing and customer service systems, with other software integrated and synchronised as dictated by business requirements.

Some of the other software partners include: Monday, Miro, PandaDoc, Thinkific, DataBox.

Traditional marketing strategy meets modern tech.

What is impressive with Brucey is a practical, measured approach to the use of tech, alongside proven strategies - to build confidence with tech platforms, which today are core to all our sales and marketing.

Ken NockGeneral Manager
Year-on-year key metric growth.

We faced immense challenges and limited resources. Brucey developed the marketing strategy and executed plans to reinvigorate the brand.

Graeme SmithGeneral Manager
Smart, informative, savvy.

We have loved working with Brucey - they're exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't have achieved the success we had without them.

Nicole StranoDirector
Strategy + Innovation.

I strongly recommend Brucey for any services related to marketing strategy advisory, marketing planning and implementation support.

Alessandro MeucciDirector

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Most businesses we work with have growth goals and need help to develop and execute the strategy, such as:

  • new products or services to launch
  • geographic or market expansion
  • an acquisition or merger

For others, it’s less about product/market or revenue growth, and more about growing profit or effectiveness due to:

  • a change in competitive / market conditions
  • an opportunity to optimise performance
    improve customer alignment

If this sounds like you, get in touch to see how we can help you achieve your goals.