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A strategic marketing advisor for your business

Our Fractional CMO service is how we provide industrial businesses with a part-time senior marketing manager and the expertise they need to successfully develop, implement and achieve their growth goals.


Leaders who want marketing-led business growth

A Fractional CMO is for leaders who want to build a customer-oriented business and who see marketing not only as a promotional function, but one that drives business success through market analysis, strategy development and tactical implementation across all 4Ps (product, distribution, pricing, promotion).

Business LeadersCEOs, MDs, Owners

"I want to understand the current state of our marketing and the steps we need to take to achieve our growth goals"

  • An unbiased assessment of marketing capability and performance from an industrial expert
  • Identify weaknesses, gaps and quick wins
  • Get an actionable roadmap to kickstart a new phase of marketing-led growth
Marketersof all levels: Junior to CMO

“We need someone with industrial marketing expertise to help us develop a strategic marketing framework and sustainable implementation plan."

  • An added senior marketing resource to collaboratively build a high performing team
  • Help to get out of the operational weeds and into a more strategic view
  • Get an actionable, repeatable marketing process
InvestorsMergers, Acquisitions

“We want an independent health check of the business pipeline and marketing capability, to support investment and planning decisions."

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and growth, including quick wins and longer-term strategic moves
  • Uncover key strengths, weaknesses, gaps and issues
  • Get a ready-to-go 90 days action plan to kickstart performance improvements from day 1
Sales LeadersGMs, BDMs, CROs

“I want to drive increased pipeline performance through better alignment and collaboration with marketing."

  • Identify the root causes of subpar sales performance
  • Pinpoint where the greatest opportunities for sales and marketing improvement are and how to take action
  • Build a collaborative framework for sustained sales and marketing success

A senior marketer to support your growing business

A Fractional CMO is a senior marketing leader for your business, who works alongside your leadership team, guides and develops the marketing at a strategic and operational level. We're able to achieve your business objectives the same as an employee, though we are a better choice if you don't need, can't justify or are not ready for a full-time CMO or marketing manager. Or if your current marketing manager needs additional support. A fractional CMO is a flexible, efficient way to help you deliver any or all of the following marketing requirements.

Business Snapshot & Goals Mission, core competencies, future direction, priority goals and biggest challenges.  
Past Performance Business, sales and marketing performance review over the preceding 12+ months.  
Market Segmentation Mapping the market size, boundaries, the segments within and customer profiles.  
Competitive Positioning Defining the competition and alternatives, and how your positioning differs from theirs.  
Brand Health How your brand stacks up in terms of consistency and distinctiveness: codes, style, messaging.  
Strategic Opportunities Identifying the greatest opportunities: internal business, external environment.  
Team & Skills Analysis of the team structure and capability (employees, agencies, contractors).   
Software & Processes What tech stack the business requires and the processes that guide the work.  
Blueprint A comprehensive overview of the current state of marketing. A 90-day action plan with clear priorities and initiatives.  

Marketing leadership, built to support your business

When you bring us on as the virtual CMO for your industrial business, we get to work on the priorities that your business most needs, crafting a flexible partnership unique to you.

Often this involves working at a two-speed approach: (1) a focus on short-term business initiatives and quick wins; and (2) a focus on developing the longer term strategy and structure that will deliver sustainable growth for the business into the future.

Where and how we kick things off is entirely up to you. We certainly will collaboratively provide our input and guide the engagement based on our expertise. But ultimately we're at your disposal as your virtual CMO or marketing manager. The list below are are some examples of how we work with industrial businesses:
  • Developing the strategic marketing plan
  • Work as part of the leadership team
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Lead and direct the marketing team
  • Auditing your marketing capability
  • Preparing for a merger or acquisition
  • Creating a regional expansion plan
  • Create nurture programs for prospects, and retention for customers
  • Building an account-based marketing and sales approach
  • Refining your marketing tech stack (software suite)
  • Planning social media with purpose
  • Develop brand positioning, differentiated and distinctive
  • Switching to a more powerful, user-friendly CRM
  • Run workshops on positioning, processes, market, competition
  • Work collaboratively with sales and service teams
  • Develop plans for product, pricing, distribution and launch
  • Optimise website experience and digital presence
  • Build the marketing, sales and service infrastructure
  • Content marketing and thought leadership programs

Book a Introductory Call

Most businesses we work with have growth goals and need help to develop and execute the strategy, such as:

  • new products or services to launch
  • geographic or market expansion
  • an acquisition or merger

For others, it’s less about product/market or revenue growth, and more about growing profit or effectiveness due to:

  • a change in competitive / market conditions
  • an opportunity to optimise performance
    improve customer alignment

If this sounds like you, get in touch to see how we can help you achieve your goals.