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Build a high-performance marketing model to drive business growth goals

We help industrial businesses unlock growth opportunities and performance optimisation through strategic marketing planning. We collaboratively shape strategy, develop tactical plans and guide throughout the implementation.


Structured, sustainable strategy

Our Strategic Marketing Planning process starts with a Blueprint: a fast-tracked process that enables us to build the bones of a strategic plan. We map core information, highlight issues/gaps, identify quick win opportunities and build a 90 day action plan to guide the completion and implementation of a strategic plan.

The next step is the Implementation of the Blueprint and Action Plan. It is where we action the recommended initiatives for quick wins, conduct analysis to close gaps in information, lock down the strategic direction and develop a full tactical marketing plan and budget.

Beyond the Implementation, we are able to provide continued marketing leadership and support as your marketing plan is put into action. We can guide the quarterly activation cycles and work on reviewing and revision of future quarterly and annual planning.

At any point after the Blueprint you can continue to work with Brucey, leveraging our experience to lead the implementation and achieve the desired outcomes within the project timeframe. Or businesses can choose to implement on their own if they feel they are adequately resourced.


Leaders who want marketing-led business growth

The Marketing Blueprint is for leaders who want to build a customer-oriented business and who see marketing not only as a promotional function, but one that drives business success through market analysis, strategy development and tactical implementation across all 4Ps (product, distribution, pricing, promotion).

Business LeadersCEOs, MDs, Owners

"I want to understand the current state of our marketing and the steps we need to take to achieve our growth goals"

  • An unbiased assessment of marketing capability and performance from an industrial expert
  • Identify weaknesses, gaps and quick wins
  • Get an actionable roadmap to kickstart a new phase of marketing-led growth
Marketersof all levels: Junior to CMO

“We need someone with industrial marketing expertise to help us develop a strategic marketing framework and sustainable implementation plan."

  • An added senior marketing resource to collaboratively build a high performing team
  • Help to get out of the operational weeds and into a more strategic view
  • Get an actionable, repeatable marketing process
InvestorsMergers, Acquisitions

“We want an independent health check of the business pipeline and marketing capability, to support investment and planning decisions."

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and growth, including quick wins and longer-term strategic moves
  • Uncover key strengths, weaknesses, gaps and issues
  • Get a ready-to-go 90 days action plan to kickstart performance improvements from day 1
Sales LeadersGMs, BDMs, CROs

“I want to drive increased pipeline performance through better alignment and collaboration with marketing."

  • Identify the root causes of subpar sales performance
  • Pinpoint where the greatest opportunities for sales and marketing improvement are and how to take action
  • Build a collaborative framework for sustained sales and marketing success
Still got questions?


How is the Blueprint different from a Strategic Marketing Plan?

The Blueprint is essentially a precursor to a Strategic Plan.

Depending on a company's size, complexity, go-to-market process and strategic maturity, the amount of work required to develop a strategic plan can vary greatly.

The Blueprint is a standard process we can use with any industrial business, to diagnose their current situation and develop an action plan, the outcome of which is ultimately a completed strategic marketing plan, whilst concurrently addressing information gaps and acting on quick win opportunities.

What does the Blueprint give us?
  • Marketing Scorecard:  an in-depth health check based on our strategic audit of your business capability and marketing performance.
  • Strategic Blueprint:  a blueprint model of your go-to-market process, including business environment, customers, competitors, brand positioning, pipeline, etc.
  • 90 Day Action Plan:  a step-by-step process to complete your strategic marketing plan, which includes closing any information gaps, finalising strategy development, actioning quick wins, detailing the tactical plan and budget.
  • Plus recorded videos of our sessions, access to tools and templates.
How long does the Blueprint take? Our Marketing blueprint process generally takes 2-3 weeks. This is largely determined by the availability of your team and sticking to agreed timelines.
Who is the Blueprint a good fit for?

There are two main business types we typically work with in this way:

  • First are businesses who have not historically been highly marketing-focussed. They are less strategic and more ad hoc tactically driven, don't use metrics well to measure and drive business outcomes. But there is a challenge or opportunity in the business now requiring a change of approach e.g. new product/service, change in market  or competitive conditions, desire to grow/scale.
  • Second are more marketing-savvy businesses who already do a lot of the above well. The business has likely grown successfully up until now, but to help them through the next phase of growth, they are looking to systemise their marketing/pipeline model, optimising it further for scale, ensuring it is sustainable and with solid metrics that can be used to drive genuine outcomes.
How much does the Blueprint cost?

The Strategic Blueprint is a standard process priced at $7825 irrespective of business scale or complexity. 

We've tried to find a price point that is viable for smaller industrial businesses (e.g. $3-10m), whilst also allowing us to dig deep enough into the diagnosis of more complex or larger industrial businesses (e.g. $40m+) to unlock relevant insights and deliver excellent value in the Blueprint in any situation.

Then, in the Implementation phase that follows the Blueprint, the work required would likely be substantially different for a smaller or simpler business compared to a larger, complex one.

What return on investment can be expected?

This is determined a lot by the business priorities and ongoing commitment to marketing implementation. However, we aim to work with businesses with goals focussed on multi-million dollar growth and/or profit improvement.

We've helped double revenue year-on-year, scaling teams and market penetration accordingly, develop and launch market-changing products and enter new global markets.

In general, we want a business to be able to get a 20x - 100x return on their investment with us.


Ready to get underway?

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