Robust marketing strategy and actionable plans. 

We help industrial businesses unlock growth opportunities through market analysis, marketing strategy, planning and performance optimisation. We provide a full range of marketing strategy consulting services.

Smart, informative, savvy. 

We have loved working with Brucey - they're exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't have achieved the success we had without them.

Nicole S

Director, Foundation Solutions

Year-on-year key metric growth.

We faced immense challenges and limited resources. Brucey developed the marketing strategy and executed plans to reinvigorate the brand.

Graeme S

GM, Insulect

Traditional marketing strategy meets modern tech.

What is impressive with Brucey is a practical, measured approach to the use of tech, alongside proven strategies - to build confidence with tech platforms, which today are core to all our sales and marketing.

Ken N

GM, STA Engineers

Strategy + Innovation

I strongly recommend Brucey for any services related to marketing strategy advisory, marketing planning and implementation support.

Alessandro M

Owner, AM Design

Strategic Planning Process

How we develop effective strategic marketing plans

Every marketing plan we develop (AKA marketing strategy, as they're sometimes referred to) follows a standard process with three fundamental stages, which allows us to deliver plans that are based on a strong foundation, highly actionable and aligned to the business needs. 

marketing-strategy-planning-creativity 2-64d


Understand the current market, competitive environment, past performance and business capability.

marketing-strategy-planning-presentation 1-64d


Decide on a shortlist of market segments to target, with clear positioning and measurable objectives.

marketing-strategy-planning-notes 2-64d


Develop a detailed tactical plan across relevant channels, plus a budget, resourcing and systems requirements.

Types of marketing plans & strategy services

We work with businesses that have a wide range of strategy and planning needs. Depending on the scope and complexity, the time required to complete a plan can vary considerably - from a couple of days to a couple of months. 

However, the marketing planning process remains the same for plans of all shapes, size and business needs: whether it's an annual marketing plan for the whole business, a marketing plan focussed on one particular business department or priority - or even if your business hasn't done any formal marketing strategy or planning for a long time.

Annual marketing plan

New product (or service) launch plan

Group marketing plan (multi-business)

Merger or acquisition marketing plan

Regional expansion plan

Specific workshop/s (e.g. segmentation, customer journey, process mapping, performance review, market research). See also: marketing audits and process improvement services

Custom marketing strategy and planning consulting 

To find out how we can work with you on your marketing strategy and planning needs, the costs and timeframes involved, book a Discovery call with us.


From the Marketing Toolbox

Guide to Marketing Strategy & Planning

If you want to better understand what marketing strategy and planning really are - without the BS and jargon that is common to marketers - take a look at this all-encompassing guide.

Strategy and Planning Services

Standard or Custom scope for marketing plan consulting

The way we deliver services is flexible and can be structured to suit a variety of business needs and priorities.


We take the lead in guiding the development of a comprehensive marketing plan. It generally takes 4-6 weeks and is ready to implement on completion.


We provide a bespoke scope, from workshopping a single topic (e.g. market segmentation), to focussing only on one stage (e.g. Diagnosis and market research) to a more in-depth engagement, as required.

Marketing Planning > Diagnosis Stage

In the Diagnosis stage, we evaluate the current situation of the business, including the market conditions, past performance and competitive environment.

The most important thing about this stage is not falling into analysis paralysis, but to dedicate enough time to answer all essential questions such that you can formulate an effective strategy. You can always do further research and analysis in the future.

We conclude with a Segmentation map.


Business Goals

Understand the business vision, direction and goals - ideally short, medium and long-term (3 horizons)


Product & Services Review

An augmented map of the full range of products and services, sales history, lifecycle, new products and future focus.


Market & Business Environment

What defines your market and how big is it. What's happening in the external environment, including your competition.

marketing-strategy-planning-066-personal development-64l

Customer Profiles

Who are your ideal customers, what makes them tick, which ones are the biggest contributors to sales, margin.


Customer Journey / Funnel

How you engage customers across the marketing and sales funnel, from brand awareness to acquisition and retention.


Channel & Pricing Review

What sales channels do you use and how is your pricing defined and managed across these channels. 

marketing-strategy-planning-012-business class-64l

Past Performance

How has your marketing performed over the past 12+ months. What would you do again, do more of, stop doing, try new?


Resources & Systems

What marketing software do you use; what marketing resources / skills do you require? Where are your gaps?

marketing-strategy-planning-071-problem solving-64l


A total map of your market, broken into key customer segments for use as a strategic decision making tool.

Marketing Planning > Strategy Stage

In the Strategy stage, we use the Segmentation map to guide our strategic decisions: what segments you will target and why; develop the positioning for each target segment; and quantify 1 or 2 SMART objectives for each target.

Occasionally this will require dipping back into Diagnosis to do some further evaluation and improve your understanding. It can also involve developing more than one set of strategic choices - experimenting with a few different strategies to help you decide on the best path for the business.



A shortlist of 3 to 5 customer segments you intend to target. Ideally a combination of the total market plus individual segments.

marketing-strategy-planning-087-to do list-64l


A succinct positioning statement for each of your target segments - that doesn't deviate from your core brand positioning, but is further refined for this audience.



One or more objectives for each of your target segments. They must be SMART and readily quantifiable. The simpler the better.

Marketing Planning > Tactics Stage

In the Tactics stage, we map our the four main tactical choices as defined by the 4 Ps of Marketing - Product, Place (distribution), Price and Promotion (integrated marketing communications).

And then we bring all of this together in a final budget and presentation slide deck.


Products (& Services)

What products and services will you focus on for each target market?


Distribution (Place)

How are you going to reach each target with your desired range?



At what price point and leveraging what strategies?


Integrated Marcomms

How will you build brand awareness and support the entire funnel?

marketing-strategy-planning-028-online education-64l

Systems & Resources

What marketing systems and resources do you need to implement the plan?



How much will you need to spend to achieve the objectives set. 

marketing-strategy-planning-012-business class-64l


A succinct 20-30 slide deck for presenting to the management / leadership team.


Finalise Plan

Build out a 12 month marketing calendar to support implementation.

Service Delivery

How we develop the plan with you

We can deliver a marketing plan via a number of formats, depending on your location and what suits your business needs.


marketing-strategy-planning-012-business class-64d


Delivered in-person or via video conferencing and online tools.

marketing-strategy-planning-notes 2-64d


Pre-built templates to speed up data gathering and analysis.


In Person

Half and full day sessions to work through analysis, strategy and planning.

marketing-strategy-planning-093-video conference-64d

Video Conferencing

In combination with online tools such as Miro, Monday and Google Workspace.


Services Pricing

Marketing Plan Prices

Our services are built to suit a variety of different business marketing needs. But ultimately we can craft a custom scope, so you can leverage our expertise as your priorities dictate.

DIY Marketing Plan Toolkit

$4K (Launching 2023)

We've taken all the tools we use in our proven marketing planning process and put them into a do-it-yourself toolkit for businesses who would rather go it alone.


  • 1/2 day onboarding session
  • Easy to follow marketing plan process
  • Tools for diagnosis, strategy and tactics
  • Templates for budgeting, presentations, calendars, plans and project management.
  • Instructional lessons
  • And more in development.

Strategic Marketing Plan

from $12K

Our core marketing planning process, based on marketing fundamentals and best-practice. On completion, you'll have everything you need to begin implementation, with or without our support. Deliverables include:

  • Completed analysis templates
  • Strategy workshop files
  • Marketing calendar
  • Marketing budget
  • Presentation slide deck
  • 4-6 week delivery

Custom Scope


Whether you need something more concise or more complex, chances are we can customise a scope that will suit your requirements.

Scope could include:

  • One or more stages of the marketing planning process
  • One or more individual workshops on specific requirements / topics
  • Deeper analysis on key areas
  • Up-skilling your team to self-manage the planning process in the future
  • Fast turn-around

Need help to develop your strategy?


Industrial businesses need robust marketing strategy more than most

The average industrial business tends to lag behind other sectors when it comes to marketing capability. Subsequently marketing is less impactful, out of sync with sales, and marketing effectiveness is often not able to be measured well.

In an increasingly complex and digitised world, it is more important than ever for businesses to understand their market, structure a strong brand position and develop a strategy for success.

Industrial Marketing Expertise

Why choose Brucey to develop your marketing strategy?

20+ years

marketing experience

We bring more than two decades of senior marketing expertise to fast-track the creation of a robust, actionable marketing plan.

50+ brands

manufacturing & industrial

We've worked with over 50 brands, developing marketing strategy and plans to grow businesses in countries around the world.

100% industrial

including service providers

We're focused on helping B2B industrial businesses (and businesses who service this sector) to become leaders in their market.

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