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Marketing for Manufacturing

We're an industrial marketing consultancy for manufacturers. Building high-performance manufacturing marketing capability is what we do best, through a combination of strategic planning, marketing technology and sustainable campaign implementation.

Manufacturing & Marketing

Growing manufacturers are built on robust marketing

Australia needs a vibrant, innovative and competitive manufacturing sector. To achieve and sustain this position, manufacturing business leaders need to develop robust manufacturing value chains (or Smiley Curve, as the AMGC dubbed it). Those who do realise a 25-35% uplift in business value according to AMGC competitiveness research.

Marketing plays a key role throughout the value chain - not just in the post-production sales phase, but by facilitating a continual focus on the customer from R&D to post-sale services; uncovering market trends, providing insights for product design, as well as shaping future business models.

Our approach to marketing for manufacturers

We co-create marketing plans that consider the entire value chain - balancing quick wins and long-term performance gains for manufacturing businesses. Where deficient, we get you up to speed. Where proficient, we optimise further for growth. And we work to scale your marketing in alignment with your business goals and resources.


Marketing foundations

Our relationship starts by preparing businesses for sustainable growth.

We audit past performance, current marketing capability and business goals. From the insights we uncover, we identify resource gaps, develop your strategy and recommend a marketing technology suite. It's a balanced approach that establishes a strong marketing foundation, whilst enabling us to more quickly deliver success for your business. 


Demand & revenue generation

Our focus shifts to activity that will deliver revenue growth (or other business priorities).

We roll out your content strategy, refine your conversion paths, align sales and marketing, and leverage opportunities to amplify content. Throughout this phase we continually experiment, capture insights, validate assumptions, and optimise for maximum return on your marketing investment.


Scale with the business

As you grow, we grow with you.

We leverage successful marketing efforts, creating more diverse content and refining your process to reach new audiences, new regions, launch new products. We work with you to shape a stronger brand position and marketing strategy for the future of the business.

Industrial Marketing Expertise

Why choose Brucey to develop your marketing strategy?

20+ years

marketing experience

We bring more than two decades of senior marketing expertise to fast-track the creation of a robust, actionable marketing plan.

50+ brands

manufacturing & industrial

We've worked with over 50 brands, developing marketing strategy and plans to grow businesses in countries around the world.

100% industrial

including service providers

We're focused on helping B2B industrial businesses (and businesses who service this sector) to become leaders in their market.