Marketing audits to optimise your performance

We provide a range of Marketing Audit services for industrial businesses: from auditing the whole business for marketing effectiveness and opportunities for improvement; to auditing specific marketing channels, processes and software.

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We have loved working with Brucey - they're exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't have achieved the success we had without them.

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Year-on-year key metric growth.

We faced immense challenges and limited resources. Brucey developed the marketing strategy and executed plans to reinvigorate the brand.

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GM, Insulect

Traditional marketing strategy meets modern tech.

What is impressive with Brucey is a practical, measured approach to the use of tech, alongside proven strategies - to build confidence with tech platforms, which today are core to all our sales and marketing.

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Strategy + Innovation

I strongly recommend Brucey for any services related to marketing strategy advisory, marketing planning and implementation support.

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Strategic Marketing Audit

A whole-of-business marketing readiness audit

Our Strategic Marketing Audit involves assessing the overall marketing capability and readiness of the business. The audit provides key recommendations relating to achieving current business priorities as well as improving the longer-term performance of the business.

Rather than assessing the detailed performance of each individual marketing channel or tactics (like we would in an specific audit for a website, email marketing, etc), the Strategic Marketing Audit works at a higher level, evaluating the factors that contribute to a high-performance marketing function.

marketing-strategy-planning-creativity 2-64d

Status Quo

What is the current business situation and marketing process, resources?

marketing-strategy-planning-presentation 1-64d

Past Performance

How has the business planned and performed over the previous 12+ months?

marketing-strategy-planning-notes 2-64d


What plans, processes and measures are already in place for the year ahead?

marketing-strategy-planning-notes 2-64d

Future State

Where is the business aiming to get to in the next 5 to 10 years?

Individual marketing audits

In addition to the strategic marketing audit, we can conduct individual audits to assess a given marketing channel, tactic or process. These audits dive into the details and deliver a lot more short-term practical improvements. Some of the most common audits include:

HubSpot CRM audit

Full funnel audit (marketing & sales & service)

Product planning audit

Marketing systems audit

Content audit

Sales process audit

Website audit

Email marketing audit

Social media audit

To find out how we can work with you on your marketing audit requirements, the costs and timeframes involved, book a Discovery call with us.


From the Marketing Toolbox

Guide to Audits

For more insight into the different types of marketing audits, what is in each and the benefits of doing them, check out our straightforward marketing audit guide.

Marketing Audits

4 reasons to get a strategic marketing audit?

It's not uncommon for businesses to want to jump straight into tactics - let's launch a new campaign, rebuild our website, start advertising, develop a targeted outreach program... When these decisions lack the insights and strategy to support them, such actions often performing poorly - or worse yet, can't be properly measured.

If your business does not already have a robust marketing process in place - that puts analysis and strategy before tactics, then a strategic marketing audit could be for you. Here are three main benefits of such an audit:


Clarity of goals

The audit takes a high-level look at your past, present and future. In doing so, it unlocks insights that often help clarify whether your current goals and plans are robust or whether they need refinement or rethinking.

Capability and effectiveness

The audit also assesses your ability to deliver and measure these goals and the tactical activities associated with them. It gives insight into how effective you are and how you might improve this.

Spend time to get time

The biggest barrier to an audit is because the business wants to act quickly and don't believe they can afford to slow things down for an audit. Whatever the reason, whilst the audit requires the business to dedicate some time to it - usually 1 to 2 weeks - the time you get back is significantly greater, in terms of making the right decision, ensuring you are adequately resourced and are able to implement effectively.

It also helps set you up for a more robust strategic planning process in the future - directing resources to where they can make the greatest marketing impact for the business.

Test out Brucey

For first time clients to Brucey, a strategic marketing audit is also a great way to test if we're a good fit. You get great insight into how we work across all our services, with a fixed investment and you get significant value from the recommendations and action plan that result - so even if you don't want to continue with us, you have a highly actionable document you can implement on your own or with another agency.


Service Delivery

How we audit your marketing

We can deliver a marketing audit via a number of formats, depending on your location and what suits your business needs.




Delivered in-person or via video conferencing and online tools.

marketing-strategy-planning-notes 2-64d


Pre-built templates to speed up data gathering and analysis.


In Person

Concise sessions to conduct analysis, and deliver recommendations.

marketing-strategy-planning-093-video conference-64d

Video Conferencing

In combination with online tools such as Miro, Monday and Google Workspace.


Audit Services

Marketing Audit Pricing

Our audit services are built to suit a variety of different business marketing needs. But ultimately we can craft a custom scope, so you can leverage our expertise as your priorities dictate.

Individual Audits

From $1K

We can perform a range of marketing audits for specific marketing assets, channels, tactics or processes. Get in touch with us with your requirements.

Most audits follow a standard process:

  • Initial questionnaire to capture key info
  • Planning call, to ask and answer essential questions
  • Detailed analysis and insight gathering
  • Recommendations documented
  • Video call to present findings, action plan

Strategic Marketing Audit


Our core marketing audit, assessing the overall marketing capability and readiness of the business. On completion, you'll have everything you need to make more informed strategy and planning decisions.

Deliverables include:

  • Completed analysis templates
  • Past performance review
  • Marketing scorecard
  • Key recommendations
  • Marketing action plan
  • 1-2 week delivery

Combination Audits


Often businesses request a strategic marketing audit plus one or more audits on specific assets or processes e.g. website, sales process

We can tailor a package to suit:

  • Two or more audits across marketing, sales, customer service
  • Delivered concurrently or one after the other, per business requirements
  • In conjunction with third-party agencies, where you already have them in place
  • Faster turn-around

Need help to audit your marketing?


Industrial businesses need robust marketing strategy more than most

The average industrial business tends to lag behind other sectors when it comes to marketing capability. Subsequently marketing is less impactful, out of sync with sales, and marketing effectiveness is often not able to be measured well.

In an increasingly complex and digitised world, it is more important than ever for businesses to understand their market, structure a strong brand position and develop a strategy for success.

Industrial Marketing Expertise

Why choose Brucey to audit your marketing performance?

20+ years

marketing experience

We bring more than two decades of senior marketing expertise across marketing strategy, process, systems and management.

50+ brands

manufacturing & industrial

We've worked with over 50 brands, developing marketing strategy and plans to grow businesses in countries around the world.

100% industrial

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We're focused on helping B2B industrial businesses (and businesses who service this sector) to become leaders in their market.

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