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David Leahy

I'm an industrial marketing consultant, providing senior-level marketing advisory and management services to businesses in manufacturing, engineering and construction.

Blog Post by David Leahy

David Leahy6 min read

The 3 forgotten Ps of marketing

When it comes to marketing tactics, most people think mainly of Promotion, but there are also Product, Place and Price; ...
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David Leahy4 min read

Marketing strategy — the pivotal point in planning

We take a look at preparing an actionable, effective, and measurable marketing plan for 2023–24, we’ll be covering marketing ...
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David Leahy7 min read

Marketing Diagnosis: looking back to power forward

Diagnosis is a critical stage in marketing that if done well, will inform the rest of your marketing planning - the strategy, ...
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David Leahy6 min read

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the whole business, as seen from the point of view of its final result, that is from the customer’s point of view ...
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David Leahy3 min read

Get marketing-ready for FY24

Running out of time to do your marketing plan before the new financial year kicks off on 1 July? In this weekly series we will ...
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David Leahy8 min read

How much should industrial companies budget for marketing?

Key insights on understanding marketing budgets better, what you should be factoring into budgeting, and how much you need to ...
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David Leahy2 min read

Why industrial businesses need robust marketing

Industrial businesses tend to lag behind other sectors when it comes to marketing. They are less impactful and marketing ...
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David Leahy5 min read

Why HubSpot is a good fit CRM for industrial orgs

Changing to a new CRM is rarely something management teams look forward to. We've found HubSpot to be a great CRM for most ...
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